Responding to the needs of the target

The purpose : understanding the specific needs of the population

What ASPIRE will tackle in my city ?
data collection is there to help design the model
what the data is telling you ?

Identifying the needs of the target group
Understand the expectations of the target group through expert committees, focus groups, and planning of actions

Methodology :
Making expert committees
The purpose of the expert committee is to establish the programme’s roadmap. It includes professional and field experts. It is necessary to understand the target group, its needs and prioritise the actions to be carried out with the cohort.
The following people should be selected:
Health professionals (dieticians, doctors, sports coaches, adapted physical activity teachers, etc.)
Local actors: city associations, social economy structures
People who know the target group: their problems, their expectations, the best way to communicate with them
And the target itself
This will make it easier for the population to join the programme.
Conducting focus groups
Focus groups allow us to better understand the needs and expectations of the target group from the point of view of the people in the cohort
Potential future target
Target’s supervisor

Identify the organisations’ internal skills.
Before calling on external contributors, it is necessary to make a diagnosis of the internal skills:
Training/ degree …
Person with a passion for a subject, who is more or less an expert (this person will be accompanied by a training of trainers on the subject in question).