Recruitment of the ASPIRE participants

The purpose : understanding the specific needs of the population

What ASPIRE will tackle in my city ?
data collection is there to help design the model
what the data is telling you ?

It is important to establish the criteria for participants in the program.
This is an exemple:
Targeting overweight, obese and/or unemployed people, socially isolated people
Adult person
Unemployed individual
Overweight or unemployed individual
Individuals in need of specific support
Individuals with a lack of self-confidence
Recruitment strategy :
ð Professional working in community, health and social care
ð Social networks: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube…,
ð Distribution of printed materials presenting the programme
ð Use “word of mouth” to promote the programme by “expert participants”, “programme ambassadors
è Successful experiences make people want to try it and do it for themselves.
The creation of ambassadors, i.e. people who have followed the ASPIRE programme, is an element that helps to recruit more participants by showing the effectiveness of the programme. It is easier for the potential beneficiary to feel concerned by the content of the programme by seeing that it works for people in the same situation, so sharing experience is a very relevant recruitment lever.
ð Organisation of public events :
forums: collect data from interesting profiles and contact them again to bring them into the cohort,
events on world days (World Obesity Day, World Wellness Day, etc.),
Creation of specific events: “sports festival”, “walks”, etc.
Keys to success :
In-depth discussions with potential future beneficiaries of the programme
Involve families in the participation of the workshops : the entourage helps to change
Propose “mentoring
ð Former members of the programme propose a new member of their entourage at the end of the programme
ð Supervisors can support a participant’s entry into the programme
The choice of words is crucial:
Do not stigmatise the participants, you must be benevolent
Do not talk about being overweight at the first meeting è Use the kiosk in a playful way to talk about weight.
Potential obstacles: building participant loyalty

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