The construction of actions

Le but : identifier les besoins spécifiques de la population

Comment le projet ASPIRE peut répondre à mes problématiques locales ?

To meet the expectations of the target group so that they feel involved and increase their commitment to the project.
Joint actions on the themes of nutrition, physical activity and mental well-being.
Identification of the needs of the target population:
Visible needs: propose activities that meet the expectations of the target population (focus group follow-up), but also the objectives of the programme
Personalised programme + common core
Common module for all composed of activities related to the model
ð Common core :
Practical knowledge without demonstration, propose operational things (the platform and printed materials)
Giving turnkey kits, gardening, cooking instructions…
ð Personalised programme
Activities proposed by the hubs according to the commitment of the people.
Activities proposed by the beneficiaries according to their interests and needs
Creating links, volunteering
Invisible needs: needs not currently manifested that will come with time by participating in activities (depending on the acquisition of skills)
Evolution of needs over time
Living Lab stage:
Test the tools/training on a small group of people in the hub to see if they work properly.
Two types of beneficiary profiles are identified.
Two types of programme should therefore be built:
o Beneficiaries furthest from employment: this target is difficult to reach and to motivate.
o Beneficiaries who are “close to employment”: for this public it is interesting to have fairly close meetings (frequency twice a week for a period of one year)
It is essential to have a dedicated referent for each beneficiary, as it is easier for participants to follow the programme when a relationship of trust is created. This relationship is an anchor for the success of the programme.
At the end of the programme, it is important to show the participants that they have made progress. Organising a small party with a diploma ceremony is a good way to do this.

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