Implementating of actions

The purpose : understanding the specific needs of the population

What ASPIRE will tackle in my city ?
data collection is there to help design the model
what the data is telling you ?

Propose the themes according to its field of expertise
Get in touch with local experts (network of associations, the medical profession, professionals in the field of well-being, physical activity, etc.) to complete the approach to the programme è Sustainability
Setting up / running the themes according to the different axes with a base of common activities (common core):

o Sell your own :
Development of professional skills (soft skills, hard skills, interpersonal skills, know-how),
Development of well-being, self-esteem and self-confidence.
Stress management

o Eat your own :
Eat better / eat well,
Improving nutritional knowledge,
Shopping for better nutritional quality at reasonable prices.

o Grown your own:
Decrease in sedentary lifestyle,
Increase in soft mobility and adapted physical activity via movement workshops

Self-esteem is the common thread of the model, it is essential, it is the key to the success of the participants. Knowing oneself well, feeling good about oneself, allows one to make better choices.

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