Understanding the local context

Understanding the specific needs of the population

What issues will the ASPIRE programme tackle in my city/region?

Before implementing the ASPIRE project in your area, it is necessary to know the main health and employment indicators for the area in question.
Localised data allows the ASPIRE programme to be adapted to the needs of the population.
Each organisation should take stock of the local situation:
Anonymous statistics could be collected at different levels:
– District
– County
– Region
– Country
It is useful to collect national data and follow those trends through to local data, as this allows you to refine the actions that you will propose to the cohort.
Evaluate the local population in order to identify the local needs in the area.

You could use the following data sources :

Social and economic level:
– Unemployment rate
– Level of deprivation

Health data:
– Number/percentage of overweight people
– Number/percentage of obese people
– Incidence of Long Term Conditions (diabetes, hypertension, cardio vascular disease…)
– Smoking/alcohol rates

You can find useful data on the following website :