Evaluation of actions

Is the programme is effective?

To measure behavioural changes resulting from participation in the ASPIRE programme.

When implementing preventive health actions, it is important to evaluate and measure
o The impact of the actions,
o Results, progress
o Satisfaction with the actions

There are different evaluation stages, the first before the actions are implemented (T0) and after they have been carried out (T1).
The evaluations are intended for both the people in the cohort and the supervisors.

Once the programme is over, we need to measure the impact of the ASPIRE workshops on behavioural change. Do we see changes in behaviour? Are they sustainable for the participants? The evaluation is therefore done at different times: at the beginning of the programme in order to know the starting point of the participants, after 12 weeks a first evaluation takes place. Then, the progress and evolution of the participants are also evaluated at 6 months, 9 months and 12 months.

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