Responding to the needs of the target audience

Understanding the specific needs of the population

What ASPIRE will tackle in my city/area?

Identifying the needs of the target group
Understand the expectations of the target group through focus groups with local residents and stakeholders. They can help to co-design and plan the programme and develop actions.

Methodology :

1) Conducting focus groups
Focus groups allow us to better understand the needs and expectations of the target group from the point of view of the people in the cohort. The focus group could have the following people included : potential participants and the ASPIRE project manager.
2) Arranging stakeholders meeting
The purpose of the stakeholders meeting is to establish the programme’s roadmap. It includes professional and field experts. It is necessary to understand the target groups needs and prioritise the actions to be carried out with the cohort.
The following people could be included:

Identify partner expertise
Before calling on external contributors, it is necessary to identify any internal skills that could be used in the project.
Do employees have previous training or qualifications that could be used in the programme?
Identify people with a passion for a subject, who could be an expert, additional training could be provided via training the trainers.