Make the project sustainable

Finding financing for sustainable action

How can the project be made to benefit as many people as possible?

The ASPIRE method has proven its effectiveness during the experimentation of the project from 2019 to 2023, both in the North of France and in the South of England. We found that 20.4% of people followed up found a job, after having followed the programme for at least 3 months.

This project is replicable and adaptable to all regions of France and particularly to the overseas territories, where the rates of overweight, obesity and unemployment are quite high. For the programme to work, it is necessary to take into account local specificities and adapt it. For example, for the theme of food, the recipes proposed must reflect the reality of the food on offer.

In order to make the project sustainable, it must be proposed to different institutions and respond to calls for projects from cities, departments, regions, Jobcentre Plus (Dept for Work and Pensions) and local authorities, etc. This will make it possible to finance the ASPIRE actions. In order to meet the projects objectives, it is possible to place greater emphasis on certain aspects of the project: health capital and its preservation, if the ARS is approached, or employability if the Pôle emploi or other structures with a vocation for integration through work are approached.